Wednesday, June 4, 2014

30 x 30 Nature Challenge: Three Boothers' Experiences

Eco-novice challenges you to consider, How much nature do you need?

The David Suzuki Foundation's 30 x 30 Nature Challenge has just ended. Those who accepted the Nature Challenge tried to spend 30 minutes outside in nature for 30 straight days (May 1 - 30). Three different Boothers participated in and posted about the Nature Challenge (Eco-novice, Ecoyogini, and Queen Composter), and I loved reading their reflections and getting to know their neighborhoods and "naturehoods" through their amazing photos. So I thought it would be fun to publish a round-up of our posts here on The Green Phone Booth. If you need some inspiration for getting outside, or just want to take a peek at some of the Boothers' environs, I heartily encourage you to click on over and check out some of the individual posts.

First up, Queen Composter.

Let the Nature Challenge Begin!
Queen Composter lays out her tentative plan for making it a priority to get outside for 30 minutes over 30 days.
Queen Composter finds it easy to get in her nature time as she begins biking and gardening more. Photo reprise includes shots of nearby beach (lucky!), garden delights, her new mason bees, and her girls up in the tree.

Week Two: 30 x 30 Nature Challenge
With less cooperative weather, Queen Composter finds it harder to get outside every day. In addition to more fabulous photos (you must see the dragonfly!), she writes about the positives resulting from getting outside more.

30 x 30 Nature Challenge: Week Three
Despite the siren call of the sofa, Queen Composter continues to make outside time a priority thanks to her participation in the Nature Challenge. More gorgeous photos of her "naturehood" that I cannot believe she manages to capture with her iphone.

Week Four: 30 x 30 Nature Challenge
This week Queen Composter and her daughters tried geocaching! More photos as well as highlights and downsides (= indoor tasks neglected) of the 30 x 30 Nature Challenge.

Next up, Ecoyogini

Getting More Nature in Your Diet: 30x30 David Suzuki NATURE CHALLENGE!
Ecoyogini shares some of the benefits of time in nature and gives a rundown of her first week of the challenge. She ends with an account of her and hubby stargazing. Spoiler alert: they saw the planet Mars!

Is 30x30 Only for the True Belie-verts?
Ecoyogini identifies some of the results of her "nature boost," including meaningful connections with loved ones. I love the photos in this post of Ecoyogini helping her dad with the lobster fishing.

What the 30x30 Challenge Gave Me
Ecoyogini reflects on how she did and "what the 30x30 challenge did for me," including getting her practicing yoga outside on the deck after work.

Finally, Eco-novice 

30 Ways to Enjoy 30 Minutes in Nature with Your Kids
I describe my personal version of this challenge: 30 minutes outside every day with my kids. Then I share my ideas for ways to enjoy 30 minutes outside with kids.

13 Benefits of Spending Time Outside - Week One of the #30x30Challenge
There are some seriously amazing (and well-documented) benefits of spending time in nature! I share 13 of those before giving a day-by-day run down (with photos) of our first week of the challenge.

How to Get Your Kids to Play Outside
Some weeks my kids practically live outside. But certain days they need a little nudge to go outside to play. Here are 10 ways I successfully enticed my kids to go outside during our 30 x 30 Nature Challenge.
I reflect on a lesson I learned during my teaching days: make time every day to do the things that you love. And because spending time outside with my kids is something I both enjoy and value, I decide that I'm going to continue making time to be outside in nature every day. This post includes photographic highlights of our last few weeks of the challenge.

Is your family getting enough nature time?


Green Bean said...

Thanks for this round up, Betsy! It was great to go through all the different posts on this topic. So many great photos!

Betsy Escandon said...

I know. I loved seeing others' neighborhoods.

Christy said...

It was fun not only participating but following how each other was doing via Instagram! Thanks for doing this Betsy!

Eco Yogini said...

this was a great round up! thank you!


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