Friday, July 25, 2014

Glowing: Soulful Skincare- A Paradigm Shifting Book

EcoYogini uncovers some truths about her skin's health...

Like many women in our westernized culture, I have an unhealthy triangular Bella-Edward-HotWereWolfGuy relationship with my skin-selfesteem-cosmeticindustry.  (Yes, I read all terrible six Twilight books, yes I am horribly regretful that I can't get those hours back, ever).

As a teenager, I was lucky that I didn't have awful acne. I was surprised, however, when pimples just kept coming in my twenties and now early thirties. Didn't I survive the hell that is adolescence to be deserving of a phoenix-butterflyfromacocoon metamorphosis of perfect skin?

Concurrently to this non-adolescent pimple skin mystery I was living, my naturalistic Eco self journey started along with reading some fabulous eco blogs. One of my favourites is Yancy Lael. I feel like I know her (which is kinda creepy, I know), I've been reading variations of her blogging self, loving her skin care product line (which I was devastated but happy for her choice when she moved on) and generally kinda "there" on the sidelines for her journey.

When I found out Yancy was publishing a book all about her skincare journey, I was pumped. I vowed to buy it RIGHT AWAY. You know, cuz she's awesome and as solidarity.

Interestingly, it took several months for me to actually get off my butt and buy her book. One reason- I hate ordering things online. But the true reason I've realized after completing her (paradigm shifting) book: I wasn't ready.

Glowing: Soulful Skincare (The ultimate guide to radically transforming your complexion) really is unlike any "beauty" skincare guide I have ever read. This past year I have let go a lot of my eco-skin regime as well as my spiritual/yoga practice. I've been sucked into purchasing more and more Lush products. Mostly because of the packaging and pretty smells. Hey- advertising totally works on me. It's only in the past month that I've felt the emotional space make room for accepting self care and going from survive mode to nourish mode.

by Yancy Lael

There are so many things about this book that I love. Firstly, the general tone of the book: the underlying theme that is repeated throughout is to listen to yourself and take what suggestions she gives that work for YOU. There are no cookie cutter approaches; instead the only true "do this" is to listen to what your body is telling you. In an age where we have so many health and beauty "experts" giving definitive advice (green and non green alike) and in a culture so focused outward, it's refreshing and empowering to have someone say "You know what, you should really truly get to know your body in order to make the best decisions for YOU".

Yancy's voice in this book truly places 100% of the responsibility and ownership for our skincare (and overall health) in our own, very capable, hands. And it's wonderful.

A surprise in my reading was the importance placed on spiritual and emotional health. I'm not sure why, but I never connected emotional well being and the steps needed to keep me in that space as part of my skincare routine. It was exactly what I needed to "hear". On top of that truth, she's right of course. We spend so much time believing that our Self and Body are made of disparate, unconnected parts that have no influence over each other. Which is ridiculous. Anyone with IBS (moi) should intimately know better.

It was also unbelievably powerful to read about Yancy's own (intense) journey with her skin. It opened beautifully into topics that otherwise I may have had a harder time lending legitimacy and I feel as though I've been given a beautiful gift in the sharing of an obviously painful part of her life.

Beyond the surprises, I most certainly was not let down with her knowledgeable yet balanced approach to natural skincare options/products/routines. I took away some amazing tips, new ideas and natural approaches to try and some pretty fantastic recipes to give a go. But then, I knew she has some mad natural product skillz, I had been a huge fan of her (discontinued) skincare line.

Only one uncomfortable moment- and it's tempered with the knowledge that Yancy herself is such a open and spiritually accepting individual: the mentions of God (capital G) and prayer. I have such an automatic reaction to "God" (as a pagan and goddessian) that it did hamper a bit of my experience. I will say though, that Yancy writes about these aspects in such an honest and open way that it was fairly brief and I was easily able to move on. Part of my own journey is to accept when Christians are being open and loving as opposed to reacting similarly to all.

A few immediate changes since I've started Glowing: Soulful Skincare? Reintroduction of Honey and the Oil Cleansing Method into my daily skincare routine, revisiting my spiritual practice and upping my yoga practice. This book has forever changed how I view my skin and skincare practices and I will be unpacking the contents for months to come!

Definitely a big "Recommend!"

(Disclaimer: I was NOT paid to write this review, NOR did I receive a discounted nor free copy of this book. I purchased the book at full price and the review above reflects my honest and true feelings/thoughts: Yancy rocks!)


Yancy Lael said...

Oh wow, oh wow. I'm deeply touched that this book meant so much to you - especially since you have been with me since the seeds of this book were first planted! Thank you so very much! <3

Eco Yogini said...

You are very welcome! It is an amazing book and I'm so glad you decided to share your journey with the world!

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