Friday, January 9, 2015

#KilltheKcup A horror film about the Single Brew

EcoYogini steps up on her soap box for a brief interlude in defence of the planet and some good quality coffee...

You know, despite the apocalyptic nature of how things are going lately with regards to the environment, there have definitely been some changes in social norms with regards to caring about the environment.

It's no longer (in many places in Canada anyway) socially acceptable to litter, drink out of water bottles, smoke in public, sit in an idling car, and in Nova Scotia- not sort your garbage into compost and recycling (thank you provincial legislation). Even topics of environmental concern such as wildlife conservation, sustainable forestry, fracking (and exploratory oil drilling) and sewage management makes for serious news and public protest.

Even so, the laziness of some trends seriously baffle me.

Such as the K-cups.

When they first came out I scoffed that anyone would be a) that lazy and b) that financially blind (and c) that wasteful) for this to actually turn into a common place household appliance. I mean, the scale of wastefulness for something that could be made BETTER by brewing a good cup of coffee using a regular coffee machine or french press, blows my mind. Add to the fact that in the long run you'll be paying MORE for your coffee than if you just brewed it and I am flabbergasted.

And yet, in 2013 the trash of K-cups sold could circle the globe 11 times (WTF?!). Obviously the argument of using the "reusable" cup doesn't really hold- you are supporting a company that makes a significant amount of plastic waste.

For a (crappy) cup of coffee.

The office argument doesn't really work for me either. I work in an office with 11 colleagues (plus the 4-5 students and volunteer in the clinic at any given time) and we manage just fine with a coffee maker. It's called sharing responsibility for purchasing the beans (we buy fair trade organic), asking who wants coffee when you make it, using a reusable filter and taking turns cleaning out the pot (we compost in our office).

It's really not that big of a deal.

K-cups and the single serve brew is up there in my "I will judge you" category as idling in your car for no reason, not recycling, littering and drinking energy drinks (that stuff is scary BAD for you).

A group called "Kill the K-Cup" posted this video on youtube and it perfectly captures how I feel about the entire thing. Plus it's hilariously awesome. PLUS it was filmed in Halifax and... I know one of the actors! How cool is that??) Thank you Grist for sharing!

If you have a singe serve brewing machine- at home or work- consider recycling that bad boy and getting yourself a French press. K-Cup-Zilla (and the planet) thanks you.



All Natural Katie said...

Aside from the waste and single-useness of K-cups...I would not settle for an inferior cup of coffee. I would go to Starbucks before I would use the Keurig in the office. When I go back into the working world, I am bringing my Chemex and Aeropress with me and making my own coffee.

Green Bean said...

I am with you. When those things first came out, I thought, who the hell would go for this wasteful, terrible cup of coffee. Now of course, you can get ones that are tea, cocoa and so on. None of them very good. All of the incredibly wasteful.

BTW, that video is hilarious. Totally worth watching.

Sarah Johnson said...

Oh dear! I am in the UK and I have no idea what a K-cup is. Is it like those awful Nespresso things?

Mindful Echo said...

That movie was fantastic! Also, terrifying, like the reality of a planet covered in k-cups. It's baffling and infuriating and I'm open to all further ideas on how to make it stop.

Great post!

Eco Yogini said...

thanks everyone!
@Sarah- yes, exactly like that!

concretenprimroses said...

I'm so glad to read this. I thought I was the only one who thought the K cup trend is stupid. I have no hope of changing things at work, it is too imbedded in the culture from before I started. I was shocked to learn that people had them at home too. As you say the coffee isn't good. I want to figure out a simple tool to make extracting the coffee easy so it can at least be composted. I'm not there yet.

robbie @mom hats and more said...

What surprises me is the argument, that everyone can have their own cup. Yet I end up getting coffee grounds when I run the office k-cup for hot water for my (bagged) tea.

Green Girls Don't Get Fat said...

I agree that the K-cup is appalling. However, even though I don't use these, and I always buy fair trade and organic, I'm still trying to change my coffee habits. Instead of giving up coffee completely, because I do enjoy it, I'm going to give up drinking it at home and just drink it when in a social setting. I figure wouldn't it be better if only coffee shops had brewing machines instead of in each individual home? Maybe another concept for the sharing society for less waste?


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