Friday, May 1, 2015

Join the 30 X 30 Nature Challenge

Queen Composter is excited about the month of May!

Like many people who care about the environment, I love spending time outdoors in nature. When I am feeling stressed or overstimulated it just takes some quiet time by water or trees and I'm much more relaxed and happy. Studies support this and have shown that time in a natural setting can reduce depression, anxiety, anger, and pain. It also feels like common sense to me that time in nature can help people have a greater understanding of and appreciation for the environment; the more you know, the more you love and have a vested interest in protecting. 

For the fourth year the David Suzuki Foundation is holding their 30 X 30 Challenge for the month of May to spend thirty minutes each day in nature. For a great info graphic about time in nature, go here.  Last year three Boothers joined in the fun. Read a roundup of our experiences here

As an avid gardener I log many hours outdoors, and I love a good hashtag, so I will be participating again by sharing my daily photos to the hashtags #30x30challenge and #natureiscalling on Instagram and twitter. I will also be blogging about how I'm doing here

Life can be busy, and it may be hard to get time in nature on weekdays with busy work schedules, but once you get outside it is amazing how easy it is and how great it feels. Perhaps time in nature might just be time outdoors, and that's ok. Here are some ideas for making time:
  • go for a walk down a tree lined street (on your lunch break, after dinner)
  • ride a bike instead of driving to pick up a few groceries 
  • take a book outside and read under a tree
  • do crafting in nature (I am rather fond of knitting outdoors)
  • walk kids to school instead of driving
  • go to a local park and identify trees
  • learn about urban foraging and identify edible plants in your neighbourhood
  • learn about bee and butterfly friendly plants and plant some around your home
  • plan a nature scavenger hunt 
  • try container gardening if you live in a dense urban area or have limited outdoor space
  • on the weekend make time to go to a local nature park for some "shinrin yoku" (Japanese for "forest bathing")
  • make time outdoors an adventure and try geocaching 
  • go on a picnic (we have to eat, so why not outside?)
  • take photos of your time in nature and share on social media

This past week I have been excited about the 30 x 30 Challenge and have started sharing my daily pics on Instagram.

I love barefoot gardening but I'm not sure I'm down with naked
gardening. If that's your thing, Saturday is Naked Gardening Day.

I may have a foot fetish. 

What kid doesn't love climbing trees? My daughter is
pretending to live in the tree and use a rope to bring
supplies up to her home.

Nothing better than a gardening manicure. 

Knitting at my happy place, a local beach.

See? Foot fetish.
Bike riding along the banks of a local river
 to meet a friend for coffee. 

If you are interested in the 30 x 30 Challenge sign up here. Come join the fun, feel good, and do something positive for the environment!


Betsy Escandon said...

Yay! We are doing the challenge again this year. We spent 2+ hours today hiking. YES! And yesterday we swam, which I count, even though it's not really time in "nature" per se. Still outside in the sunshine at least! Hoping to write some blog posts about this, and I am posting on FB and instagram as @eco_novice.

Green Bean said...

Time in nature is so critical to our health and well being - not to mention fostering a connection with nature that will help keep these places wild. I'm looking forward to lots of 30x30 posts ladies!

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