Thursday, December 3, 2015

Handmade Holiday Gifts: Personalized Cards

Queen Composter is making gifts instead of buying new this year. 

I find gift giving to be a source of stress this time of year. It is hard to give gifts that are appreciated while at the same time ethical and ecologically friendly.

In my experience most people to receive something homemade, and everyone loves to receive something personalized.

I am a teacher, and as much as I appreciate every gift students give me, like mugs and chocolate, I know that I prefer something that a student has taken the time to make for me.

Cards are not exactly ecologically friendly because they are typically used once and then tossed. They are, however, thoughtful, and when used, contain messages from the heart, which makes them harder to throw away (or hopefully recycled).

I am a big fan of quick and easy and making personalized cards fits the bill.

This project is great because it uses small pieces of left over card stock.


  • white (or desired colour) card stock for the base of the card (preferably paper with recycled fibre) 
  • computer and printer
  • stamp and stamp pad 
  • strips of coloured card stock
  • adhesive 
  • scissors


  • In a word processing program, select landscape layout and divide page into two columns

  • On the bottom of each column, type the desired phrase (such as "from the desk of")

  • Do a test run on scrap paper to see if the words appear where you would like them. To do this, trim the printed paper into the desired card shape and determine if you need to move the words, centre them, etc.

  • Once you are satisfied with the placement of the words, print on the card stock paper and trim to the shape of the cards.

  • Trim scraps of paper to fit the size of the card. I have an embossing machine so I emboss these scraps to give added texture, but this is unnecessary.

  • Glue the coloured card stock onto the card base.

  • Stamp the chosen image (I like a typewriter for a vintage look) onto scrap card stock and trim using scissors.

  • Adhere the stamped image on top of the coloured card stock. I like the added depth of puffy glue dots, but this is unnecessary. 

  • Pair the cards with envelopes and wrap the gift for the recipient. If you have recycled boxes that may fit the cards, package them in it. Better yet, make your own card boxes using recycled cardboard!


Green Bean said...

You are so creative! I am inspired and am going to try to pull this off with my kids, time permitting.

daisy g said...

Great project! I once made my mom her own stationary using a similar method. She used to enjoy writing letters to folks back home, so she appreciated having it.

Dr. Karen Lee said...

How cute! Love handmade cards!

Anna (Green Talk) said...

These cards are adorable! Love the project.

Lynn Hasselberger said...

How fun!


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